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The digital age is buzzed with “Disruptive Technology”.

Adapting to relevant technology changes can offer communities at large to be more productive, whether in a professional or leisure environment. The advancement of internet technology has witnessed an explosion of digital innovations that have inevitably forced us to open our minds to look beyond the familiarity of “what is working” around that can be more effective and efficient.

T3Each Global Ventures is a Biblical-based advisory and investment entity that is committed to investing and collaborating with creative innovators who have the visions to put appropriate “Disruptive Technology” into practical out-of-the-box solutions to improve and plug current gaps. We selectively seek and invest into resources that can help innovators in their business growth journeys to the next level of commercial expansion.

What We Focus

Our Mission

To identify and drive moonshot innovations with a Biblical worldview that will impact EDUCATION and collaborate with like-minded  ENTERPRISE to offer a positive effect in the marketplace ENVIRONMENT. We want to spark and expand purposeful technology that has been meaningfully created by passionate innovators who believe in disrupting conventional ideas and thoughts for the betterment of society.

Through our T3Each Academy, we offer individual students and learning institutions a blended US  Biblical character-based education with a proven certification pathway. The US accredited curriculum helps to prepare learners following an academic route towards achieving a High School Diploma for admission to tertiary studies besides possessing competencies and aptitudes for a dynamic world.

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A strong passion can drive an individual's belief. We invest and collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs that have the desire and potential to grow their enterprises with passion that can inspire others to emulate.

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Innovations should have a positive effect on the societal and commercial environments. We showcase and  advise on technological products and services by our innovators to move your business up the value chain seamlessly and productively.

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Exciting Innovations

Innovators with Passion

T3Each and the Innovators


Optimizing Health Costs For All

Benefiting everyone with curated healthcare options seamlessly

Go GetDoc


Safely Upright & Hands-Free

Independence with upright, hands-free and fall-prevention mobility

Go LifeGlider


Natural Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Quick deployment and integration of Artificial Intelligence into businesses

Go Sentient


Pivot Fintech

Artificial Intelligence of Investment

Investing option with technology for anyone and everyone

Go Pivot Fintech


SG MedTech Consortium

Venture Capital, Manufacturing & Distribution Expertise 
Providing complete end-to-end solutions for Medical Technology innovations 

Go SG MedTech

Lion Documentation Unit

"Fuzz Free" Legal Contract Services

Providing quality documentation support to your organisation

Go Lion Documentation


Unleashing Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Helps leaders launch their calling with a facilitated discovery unique process

Go Primemovers



Advancing Gene Therapy

Developing viral vectors to fight diseases

Go SGVector


The Team

T3 Core

Randy Teo

Robin Mak

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Happenings with T3Each

The LifeGlider at 2021 Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit

The patented LifeGlider upright assistive mobility device being demonstrated at the fifth Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit held in Hong Kong from 3-6 November 2021.

The LifeGlider offers mobility assistance to those rehabilitating from injuries or suffering some form of chronic diseases that affect proper mobility function. Unlike conventional walkers, the LifeGlider is hands-free and fall-safe. It provides users greater independence and assurance while walking or learning to walk again in the ideal upright and forward looking posture.

For a list of the LifeGlider distributors in Asia, check it out HERE. 

Partnering with our Innovator : Pivot Fintech (Posted 13 July 2021)

Pivot Fintech is a Singapore technology-driven wealth management platform. The company holds a full retail licence to manage high net worth wealth assets. Its proprietary platform uses Artificial Intelligence to fully drive quantitative analysis of investment portfolios. With a primary focus to democratise financial services for unbanked and underserved individuals, Pivot Fintech gives clients the control and power to manage their own investments and wealth, starting from just $1.00. 

Helmed by experienced leaders with a wealth of experience in investments, insurance, education and healthcare, Pivot Fintech has a proven track record with its proprietary AI-driven technology. Pivot Fintech is seeking partners or M&A opportunities with regional backers that have a similar interest to widen wealth management for the greater good.

Enquire with T3Each Global Ventures to explore opportunities.

The Pandemic has given Breanna the confidence to walk again (Posted 1 July 2021)
Breanna Reese.pngThe pandemic has opened the opportunity for 10 year-old Breanna Reese to learn how to walk again, with greater independence and confidence.

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy since young, Brenna could only take a dozen steps without assistance from her mother but with consistent use of the LifeGlider, the steps have increased to 305! And she is using this new found ability to do much more in her life.

<Read More>

Pivot Fintech and T3Each : A Shared Vision on The Future of Financial Technology (Posted on 14 June 2021)



T3Each has entered into a financial technology investment agreement to participate in Pivot Fintech‘s (www.pivotfintech.com) latest round of pre-series A fund raising. The current investors comprise FWD Group (www.fwd.com), the digital technology insurance arm of Pacific Century Group; and Pintec Technology Holdings Inc., (www.pintec.com), a NASDAQ listed AI-driven retail financial solutions corporation.  

Pivot Fintech is a digital investment and wealth management system that utilises Artificial Intelligence exclusively to formulate individualized investment portfolio based on Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory. Every investment portfolio is specifically created to optimally suit different investors’ risk profiles. With no human emotional intervention during the stages of investment decisions, the Pivot Fintech system will analyse and transparently navigate through to select investment strategies predicted to attain the best risk-adjusted return outcomes. This was demonstrated during the recovery and growth for each individual investment portfolio held under the system during the uncertainty period of the Covid-19 economic environment with returns that were better than expected.

In 2019, Pivot Fintech developed and launched its B2C brand, Squirrelsave (www.Squirrelsave.com). In 2020, Pivot focused on building a B2B automated digital investment system for a leading Malaysian investment bank. Despite the inertia of Covid-19, Pivot has delivered the system which enabled the Malaysian bank to obtain a digital investment manager’s licence from the regulatory authorities in March 2021. SquirrelSave’s innovative platform has a potentially high social impact as a socially inclusive investment tool. The client onboarding is fully digital with eKYC capabilities. Risk profiling is simplified and made fun via gamification algorithms that analyse one’s innate risk-reward behaviour. Further, by promoting personal financial literacy and widening access to global capital markets, Pivot hopes to serve the un(der)served in the Asian region and beyond. In developed and developing markets where the middle class is growing, Pivot can promote greater financial responsibility with unbiased advice to grow personal assets for both the novice and experienced investors – from across all walks of life, ages and genders. 
Being Full-Time in a Wheel Chair is Not an Option (Posted 1 Feb 2021)

Lana was only 21 year-old when an unfortunate stage 4 brain tumour halted her dream of a modelling career. After undergoing three operations to remove the tumour successfully, she was confined to a wheelchair and was unable to walk independently. She was determined. She has found and use the LifeGlider to slowly build her mobility strength and confidence again. Lana believes the LifeGlider will provide her the little steps needed to be back as much on track to where she was before the tragedy struck.

<Read More> and watch her progress <Here>.

How A Little Girl Reacted To See Her Mother Stand and Walk Independently (Posted 21 November 2020)

Gianna daughter.png
Gianna suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy. Her condition has prevented her to have good balance while walking or even just standing. Gianna’s 6 year-old daughter has witnessed her losing balance and falling many times. The expression of her daughter was heart-warming when the LifeGlider® assisted Gianna to stand and walk with confidence again.

A Wedding Made A Little More Perfect with the LifeGlider® (Posted 30 October 2020)

LG Father Daughter.png
Even if one has to spend 70 to 80 percent of the time in a wheelchair, the opportunity to walk one's own daughter down the aisle on her wedding day is not to be missed.

<Read More>

LifeGlider® @ TECH ABLE  (Posted on 1 October 2020)

Tech Able.png
The Enabling Village is home to Tech Able, an integrated assistive technology space in Singapore.

Tech Able aims to increase awareness and promote the adoption and benefits of assistive technologies in enabling persons with disabilities in various aspects of their lives. The LifeGlider® was featured to show how it can be used by some people with mobility issues to safely navigate themselves in their daily activities.

Life Change with LifeGlider - Facilitating Independent Mobility for Youths (Posted on 30 Jun 2020)

TGV Lifeglider.png

Ragen has a condition known as Ataxia. This is a nervous system disorder that causes impaired coordination of a person’s movement and balance. Not until she was introduced to use the LifeGliderRagen has been unable to walk confidently without assistance.

The LifeGlider can facilitate some normality for youths with similar conditions towards managing self independent mobility. Explore how the LifeGlider can complement your mobility requirements.

Sentient.io "Pay-Per-Use" AI Services (posted 21 Feb 2020)

TGV Sentient1.jpg

AI is one highly sought after technology that has been progressively appearing as a ubiquitous requirement within software applications. Whether you are software developers or end-users, there is the decision on how to build complicated AI processes into realistic software operations effectively.

Our collaborative partner, Sentient.io, has made these processes simpler by providing pay-per-use AI services that take the time and hassle off you to build the necessary AI features required for your applications. With this offering, Sentient.io will assist businesses to efficiently adopt appropriate AI capabilities that can be integrated quickly into software operational requirements as a valued feature with high reliability. <READ MORE>

For further enquiries of this service, let us know how T3 can help you to leverage AI for you and your business.