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T3Each Academy

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T3Each Academy offers a fully accredited K-12 blended academic program of good quality, highly accountable and individualized education for students across Pre-Kindergarten grade through to High School for College/University readiness. We also provide high-quality and yet affordable programs for the younger students seeking alternative education pathways.

The Academy philosophy is to inspire a meaningful and thoughtful mastery learning journey for every individual guided by biblical character building values. This is achieved together with our program and curriculum partners by ensuring :

  • Reliable Content Standard and Delivery
  • Flexible Learning to cater for Program Individualization
  • Accredited Academic Certification for a Recognised Education Pathway
  • Use of Tested Technology to Enhance Effective Learning
  • Rigorous and Validated Assessment to Achieve Mastery
  • Holistic Environment to Promote Self-Directed Learning Discipline
  • 24/7 Program Availability All Year Round with Administration and Academic Facilitation Support at Any Location
  • Biblical Values that are Practical and Spiritually Sound

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We work with the following to provide a range of learning curriculums to achieve the required education objectives  and needs :

  1. Individual student in a home-school environment;
  2. Education institutions offering full academic or tutorial programs;
  3. Bible-believing Christian Ministries seeking a suitable technology driven learning curriculum for missionary projects.

T3Each Academy has collaborated with Liberty University Online Academy and Bob Jones University Press to bring their unique learning curriculums and contents imbued with mastery and self-directed learning goals. T3Each Academy aims to provide the best and most suited curriculum for the home-school learners, institutes committed to providing quality education and Christian organisations wanting to bring the Gospel in the missionary field via education. Our goal is to help you fulfil the desire on what academic Christian education really matters most to you or your organisation. 

Enquire more about T3Each Academy at maylin@t3each.com or Whatsapp T3Each Academy. We will help assess suitability of your learners’ needs and/or advise what is best to fulfil your education expectations for the learners or your organization.


Hannah LUOA.pngHannah was a graduate of the LUOA program in 2019. She is currently doing her Bachelor's program at Liberty University.

St Paul @ Timor Leste.png

St Paul Methodist School in Timor Leste has been using Bob Jones University Press resources for its Grade 1-12 English and Science curriculum since 2019. They also partnered with Bob Jones University Press in other resources like Phonics, Writing and Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Chemistry and Physics.