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T3Each is the conduit to bring business solutions.......

....... with an expected impact from  the innovators we have collaborated with in Edutech, Healthtech and Fintech. We envisage to help change societies and communities' outlook to go beyond the mindset of existing familiarity of what we know and adopt “Disruptive Technology” for a greater purpose.

Enquire with T3Each via WhatsApp to see how our innovators' products and services can inspire you.

Our Products and Services


SquirrelSave is not Robo investing. SqirrelSave is 100% fully AI-driven tool to help the individual investor diversify investments to manage risk. This managing of risk must be done 24/7 to know the market more intimately and act emotionlessly to it. Humans cannot do this. SquirrelSave AI is able to achieve this with better results as compared with other Robo advisory platforms. Explore how SquirrelSave can help you invest now at SquirrelSave.

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Whether you are rehabilitating to walk again or going through a journey to regain some form of independent mobility, the LifeGlider is the one and only device that can help you to do this. Unlike other mobility devices, the LifeGlider offers the user to walk "hands-free", upright and without the dreaded fear of falling that can cause further avoidable injuries. Whatsapp with T3Each for a demo or you can visit our trial centre to "look and feel" how the LifeGlider can provide safe and independent mobility-assistance for you and your loved ones.

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Whether your business is in financial, retail, marketing, manufacturing, logistics or media, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in providing solutions for businesses. Sentient helps your business to discover and trial AI solutions relevant for your business and realise your competitive advantages. The AI Co-Lab is a 3-day programme where we effectively find ways to make AI a reality in your business systems through a 4-step approach.

  • Discover - helps clients understand what AI is and what it can do for their business.
  • Define - understand the business problem and generate ideas to solve it.
  • Prove - experience potential potential AI solutions within the enterprise with proofs of concept.
  • Pilot - full trial before a full project launch.

Enquire with T3Each via WhatsApp to participate in the AI Co-Lab "discover and trial" program.